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 The King Of Pop Here in Philippines!

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   What do you do if you have been touched by an icon, and that icon was no less than the King Of Pop himself, Michael Jackson?
   Of late, stories depicting his sheer kindness, tales pointing out how he has greatly affected people, have been the talk of the town since Jackson's recent passing.
   Countless personal accounts of celebrity-friends, including Quincy Jones, Liza Minelli, Dianna Ross, and Elizabeth Taylor, describe how professional and generous he was.
   Anecdotes of ordinary people the world over who had a chance to be with him all attest to know how much they admire Jackson's compassionate spirit and giving heart.
   Despite the many unsavory allegation against Jackson that cloud image as a pop icon who singlehandedly changed the landscape of music, there is still no mistaking the tremendous impact and legacy he left his supporters.
When Jackson paid a visit to the country in December 1996 to stage his History Concert, he shared with the Filipino people not only his musical genius and fervor as a performer, but also his blessings and time with them, even though  he wasn't obliged.

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A Close Encounter
   One such person who had a close encounter with the King Of Pop was the former public relations officer of the Manila Hotel, Gwen Carino.

(Michael Jackson and Gwen Carino)
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    She was organizing the hotel's annual Orphans Christmas Party when she personally experienced what it was like to be touched b Jackson's altruism amid the latter's busy schedule and preparations for his concert.
   Jackson's one week stay at the hotel became truly memorable when he volunteered to help in making some 300 orphans happy, as all children should be, on Christmas.
   Carino fondly recalled the festive mood Jackson created when he himself chose to fill and give away loot bags for all the children at the party.
   "Oh wow, the kids were definitely happy! They were overwhelmed," she narrated. " We never announced that Michael Jackson would be our special guest so you can just imagine how wonderfully surprised they all were. It's like a dream come true for them."
   "Michael was very considerate to their requests to sign autographs and pose for photos," Carino recalled. "I remember a little girl who came up the stage for the second time and one of the guards sort of stopped her, saying that she already received her goodie bag.
   "Michael felt for her embarrassment and said, 'Oh it's alright,Sir. I forgot to give her a big hug earlier!' I thought it was really sweet and sensitive of him."
And, out of the many good things Jackson did that day, nothing beats the moment when he came back after getting whisked off the stage by his aides and bodyguards.

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   " He went on  the stage again to say thank you for allowing him to share such special time with the orphans. It was an incredibly genuine,the moving and magical moment,"she noted.
   "I think Michael just simply had a big heart. He sought ways to make people happy. Unknown to many, on his way to the hotel when he arrived, he got off his van a couple of times on the road just to shake hands with street children along Roxas Boulevard.
   "According to his bodyguards Wayne and Yannick, he gave them a difficult time because he got off three times and the crowd became too large that he had to content himself by waving from the window," Carino said.

More Than Just King Of Pop

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    "There's obviously another side to the man that a lot of people did not get to see not to see, which is very sad." Carino added.
   The staff members of the Manila Hotel were indeed lucky to witness up close and personal this other side of Jackson.They were moved not only by his slick dance moves and catchy songs but by his unbelievably generous spirit and friendly demeanor.

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   Eliseo Javale, a house officer of the hotel, was not one who goes crazy over celebrities , but he considered Jackson as "matindi."
   "Para siyang mannequin," he recalled. "Hindi nakakatakot ang mukha niya. At pag binabati siya ng mga tao, ngingiti siya at itataas niya ang isa niyang kamay ."
   "Marami na ang dumaan na celebrity sa Manila Hotel, pero iba si Michael. Matindi ang crowd niya, at kailangan naming gumawa ng human barricade noon, kung hindi baka madurog siya." he said.
   "Hindi ako mahilig sa artista pero nanghihinayang ako sa pagkamatay niya. Na amuse nga ako sa reaction ng staff; it's as if someone close to them has died," Javale said.
He recountered how people fainted at the sight of Jackson.
   "Ang daming foreigners ang nag-check-in sa Manila Hotel noon para lang makita siya. Pati basura niya hinihingi ng ng fans!" he shared.
Jackson checked in at the Manila Hotel's Penthouse Suite (now called the Presidential Suite) Gerry Tenorio, a housekeeping supervisor for 31 years, remembered Michael Jackson's room as being exteremely neat.
   "Hangang hanga ako sa kanya. Wala syang ipinakitang pangit sa amin," said Tenorio one of only three people who got to shake Michael's hand as he was checking out. He even received an autographed album as well as 10 complementary tickets to Michael concert.
   The tickets have been used, and the autographed album now worn due to constant use. But memories of Jackson remained with Tenorio to this day.

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  "When he left the Manila Hotel on December 11, my colleague Anette Africano and I immediately ran to the Penthouse Suite where he stayed. We were very curious," shared Carino. "There,we found an empty Poperoo popcorn bucket, about three or four flavors of Haagen- Dazs   ice cream inside the frige,and M&M's and Snickers chocolate wrappers on the table.
   "No wonder Paul McCartney called him a 'boy man' and it's not surprising that he saw himself as Peter pan. He was such a child," she continued.
   "But personally, I will remember Michael Jackson as fun, respectful, generous, and kind-hearted, doing two incredibly touching things for the sake of those orphans when we were together- seeking ways to reach out for charity and giving unselfish time and love to the ones who didn't have anyone to love them.
   "This will be the way I will forever mirror this man," Carino ended. 

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   During his last day at the Manila Hotel, Jackson also left a message on his bathroom mirror.
He wrote," I'll miss you!" using a red lipstick and placed a kiss mark beside the message.

   Miss you, indeed.


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